The Vet-Recommended Dispenser Brush for Pets

  • To-The-Root Application places treatments where they’re needed
  • Precise & Even Coverage with 50 stainless steel dispensing bristles for thorough treatment
  • Controlled Dispensing with pressure regulation allows you to control flow speed and amount
  • Simple + Mess & Waste Free dispensing makes treatments easier to apply and prevents excess or misplaced product use
  • Veterinarian Recommended for use with any thin, flowing liquid topical treatment your cat, dog, or horse may need
  • Leak-proof cap and brush cover keeps unused liquid treatments sealed securely and ready to go for future use
  • Ideal for Derma-iONX application!

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The AccuFlow Brush is the veterinarian-recommended tool for easy, accurate application of your pet’s topical skin treatments.

Simply remove the leak-proof cap and fill with any thin, flowing skin treatment – essential oils, serums, alcohol or water-based treatments, or homeopathics. With pressure-regulated control and 50 stainless steel bristles, dispense treatments evenly and directly at the skin as you brush. When you’re done, store unused liquids safely with your waterproof brush cover, and feel confident knowing your cat, dog, or horse has the relief they need, just where they need it!

No Fuss, No Mess, No Second-Guessing: Enjoy Easy, Accurate Application with the AccuFlow Brush!

Applying liquid topical treatments through a fur coat? It’s difficult to say the least! You can lose half the product in your pet’s hair trying to apply it, wasting money and leaving your pet with greasy or matted fur in the process. It doesn’t need to be this difficult! With the AccuFlow Brush it’s as easy as:

FILL with Liquid Topical Treatment.

Remove the cap and fill your AccuFlow Brush with any thin, flowing liquid topical treatment your pet may need. If your pet requires a specific amount, for your convenience, you’ll find our dosage slider and mL measurements printed directly on the back. Replace your leak-proof cap to safely hold up to 60 mLs of your pet’s treatment.

BRUSH for Accurate, Even Coverage.

With fifty stainless steel dispensing bristles, the AccuFlow Brush applies liquid topical treatments evenly, thoroughly, and directly at the skin as you brush. Pressure-regulated dispensing prevents waste with light pressure for slower release or firmer pressure for faster release. When you’re done, replace the brush cover & keep unused product ready for future uses.

RELIEF that’s Mess Free, Waste Free, & Simple!

Without wetting or mussing your pet’s fur or wasting product where it isn’t needed, the AccuFlow Brush applies topical treatments more efficiently than spray bottles or manual methods. Relax with easier topical treatment application and the confidence that every spot was covered. Enjoy the easy accuracy of your AccuFlow Brush!

The Vet-Recommend Dispenser Brush for Pets!

drchar with dog

Dr Charline Wilson,DVM – Holistic Pet Care Specialist with 34 Years’ Experience

With 30 plus years’ experience working with pets and pet owners, I know firsthand how frustrating applying topical treatments can be. Liquid treatments may be necessary, but can be difficult to apply and leave pets with greasy, sticky, or matted fur.

That’s why I love the new AccuFlow Brush.

With the AccuFlow Brush, it’s easy to ensure liquid topicals are being applied evenly, thoroughly, and just where my patients need them. Dogs, cats, and horses get the relief they need, and owners are happy to have an easier, more convenient, and reliable method of application. It’s a win-win for all!

How to use AccuFlow Brush

  1. Remove the waterproof brush cover. Holding the brush by the cover with the bristles-side down, slide the cover away from the handle horizontally until the white arrow on the cover aligns with the “OPEN” mark. Raise the brush straight up to remove.
  2. Fill the brush. Unscrew the black leak-proof cap covering the end of the brush handle, then remove the black handle plug from inside the handle. Holding the brush vertically with the handle opening up, slowly pour at least 15 mL and up to 60 mL of any thin, flowing topical treatment inside the brush (see inside list of treatments). Do not pour any liquid past the 60 mL mark. To facilitate pouring, you may use a funnel if you wish.

    Place the handle plug back inside the brush handle and screw the cap back on to the end of the brush handle.
    If you wish to monitor the amount of treatment being used per application, you may slide the green and red dosage slider to align with the liquid level prior to application.
  3. Brush to apply. For treatment to be released, you must press down lightly as the ends of the bristles touch your pet’s skin. Brush any areas of your pet the treatment is intended for. Each time you brush a given area, more liquid will be applied there. Firmer pressure while brushing will cause more treatment to be applied than light pressure will.
    You may control the amount of treatment being applied by adjusting the amount of times you brush a given area and/or by adjusting the amount of pressure you use.

    PLEASE NOTE: The AccuFlow Brush is not designed for use on very tangled or matted fur, and excessive force may damage the brush. To avoid damage, detangle and remove mats prior to application and use only as much pressure as is needed.
  4. Store unused treatments properly. When application is completed, replace the waterproof brush cover. Lower the brush onto the cover aligning the clear plastic tabs on the sides of the brush body with the divots in the sides of the brush cover. Slide the brush forward horizontally until the “CLOSE” mark is aligned with the white arrow on the brush cover.
    Store horizontally out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures with the bristles facing up. Follow any other storage recommendations the treatment inside may require.
  5. Clean brush before long periods of unuse or when switching treatments. To keep your AccuFlow Brush in good condition during periods of unuse or before switching to a different treatment, it’s important to clean your brush. After all treatment has been used (or otherwise drained out of the brush and into its original container), following steps 1 and 2, fill the AccuFlow Brush with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and re-secure the handle plug, cap and brush cover. Holding on the closed brush cover, shake the brush vigorously and drain. Repeat as needed until all remaining treatment has been removed. Remove the brush cover and both caps from handle and allow the brush to air dry completely before replacing them.

AccuFlow Brush FAQs

Can the same brush be used for two different pets?

Yes, the same brush can be used for two different pets. However, if one pet has a contagious condition that the other pet does not, we would recommend buying separate brushes for each pet.

How long may a treatment be stored in the brush?

Please follow storage and expiration recommendations for the specific treatment you are using. Given proper storage with the brush cover on, out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as well as any additional storage needs the treatment inside the brush may require, the treatment may be stored as long as it could be in the original packaging.

How do I empty unused treatment from the brush?

To empty the brush of treatment, remove the handle cap and plug and aim the brush handle over the container you wish to drain the remaining treatment into. To facilitate pouring, you may wish to use a funnel. To ensure all remaining treatment is removed, we recommend cleaning with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution as described in step 5 of our “Directions for Use.”

Can I travel with the brush?

Yes. However, to prevent leaks, we do recommend draining any remaining treatment into a water-tight container prior to travel.

My pet has sensitive skin. What materials is the brush made from?

The AccuFlow Brush is made using pharmaceutical-grade materials intended to hold medicinal preparations. The brush body is made of a highly durable polycarbonate material. The dispensing bristles are stainless steel and are affixed to the brush by silicone membranes. To avoid potential sensitivities or allergic reactions,the brush has been made without latex and the parts are joined via ultrasonic welding with no adhesives being used.

I still have more questions. Where can I get answers?

You may contact our customer service representatives by email at, or call us toll free at 1.866.977.0888 (US) or at 1.616.803.7881 (International). Call center hours are M-F 9am-6pm EST.

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accuflowbrush Bottle
  • To-The-Root Application places your pet’s topical treatments where you want them.
  • Even-Coverage brush has 50 stainless steel dispensing bristles for thorough application.
  • Prevents Waste caused by misapplied product or excess product use.
  • Pressure-Controlled Dispensing lets you adjust flow speed.
  • Designed for use with any thin* liquid topical treatment for your dog, cat, or horse. (*not for use with lotions, ointments, or shampoo)

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