Better Bowl
Freeze-Dried Raw Salmon Morsels

Better Bowl

Freeze-Dried Raw Salmon Morsels

  • Nutrient-Packed Raw Salmon: Deliver the full, raw nutrient value of your dog’s favorite animal protein.
  • "Wild Canine Diet" Friendly: Your dog’s DNA is nearly identical to their wild wolf ancestors. With the raw, primal flavor dogs instinctively crave, Raw Protein Morsels are formulated for biologically appropriate nutrition.
  • Dual Purpose – Treat & Meal Topper: Raw Protein Morsels are a protein-packed addition to your dog’s daily diet whether offered as a treat or adding delicious meaty flavor to a meal.
  • Safe-Serve Raw Meat: Each Raw Protein Morsel variety starts with single-source USA grown meat. These protein varieties are then freeze-dried for natural, shelf stable nutrient preservation. Manufactured in a USDA certified facility, they’re the prep-free, ick-free, worry-free way to serve your dog the raw protein they were born to consume.
  • NO fillers: grains, corn, soy, gluten.
  • NO rendered byproducts, "4D" meat, or synthetic ingredients
  • Perfect meal topper for Better Bowl Breakfast Scramble, Chicken Zen Bowl, and Egg & Veggie Patty!

This product is not available for sale in the State of Virginia.

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The Raw Animal Protein Dogs Instinctively Crave.

Dog and wolf DNA is nearly identical – dog and wolf diets should be too! Ick- and fuss-free, Better Bowl makes feeding your dog whole, raw, animal protein safe, simple, and oh so satisfying! Raw Protein Morsels are freeze-dried for long-lasting freshness and natural nutrient preservation.

Serve them alone as a healthy, natural treat, or top your dog’s meal for added protein, vitamins, and minerals in their diet.

With four unique single-sourced proteins to choose from, Raw Protein Morsels are perfect for protein rotation diets, and dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

Feel great about the food your dog is eating! With no grains, corn, soy, GMOs, rendered by-products, or synthetic ingredients, Raw Protein Morsels deliver raw animal nutrition dogs instinctively crave.

Better Bowl Ingredients

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein, min 42.0%
  • Crude Fat, min 15.0%
  • Crude Fiber, max 3.0%
  • Moisture, max 8.0%

Calories (calculated)
124 calories per oz | 4,374 calories per kg

Ingredients: Salmon, mixed tocopherols (natural vitamin E based preservatives)

1 oz Bag

Product Questions

Nope! All ingredients are sourced, prepared, and packed in the USA.

With a quick moving digestive system, and strong digestive acids, your dog's digestive system is designed to thrive on a variety of raw prey. Because high heat can destroy delicate nutrients, preserving raw rather than cooking helps ensure the full raw nutrient value is available for your dog. A higher antioxidant, vitamin, enzyme, amino acid, mineral, and phytochemical value means:

  • more optimal nourishment is being delivered
  • less food is needed to meet nutritional requirements
  • smaller, more regular stools and less odor

Yes - when proper precautions are takens. Though your dog's digestive system is designed to digest raw prey – moving more quickly and using stronger digestive acids than our own digestive system – safety measures are still needed to prevent harmful bacteria content. Raw Protein Morsels start with meat sourced from US farms. This meat is prepared and packaged in a USDA-certified facility where the full, raw nutrient value is preserved, and bacteria is killed in our natural freeze-drying process.

Simply mix Raw Protein Morsels in with your dog's normal wet or dry meal. Raw Protein Morsels are a simple way to increase vital protein and nutrient content in your dog's diet!

To increase the proportion of protein in your dog's meal, Raw Protein Morsels can be added to Instant Homemade Natural Dog Food Patties, Fruit & Veggie Breakfast Scramble, or Hearty Harvest Chicken Zen Bowl. Consider protein rotation - switching the protein type used - on a monthly or weekly basis to promote a greater variety of nutrients and prevent the development of allergy.

When serving Instant Homemade Natural Dog Patties, for every two patties, we recommend one or two packs of Raw Protein Morsels (depending on your preferred protein proportion).

When serving Fruit & Veggie Breakfast Scramble or Hearty Chicken Zen Bowl, for every cup, we recommend one or two packs of Raw Protein Morsels (depending on your preferred protein proportion).