Four Reasons Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

I have never lived in a household with only one cat. Growing up, my family always had two and now I am continuing on this tradition with my own family and our two cats, Oliver and Casey.

But I wonder - are two REALLY better than one?

I'm open to arguments otherwise, but I personally feel there are just too many good reason to keep a pair. Here's why.

#1. Adoption: One More Life Saved

First, if you are thinking of adopting your cat, why not save two?

Yes, you may need extra toys, bedding, and food and yes, the vet bill will be doubled, but really, cats aren't that expensive.

Have I convinced you? Consider looking for a pair that has come into the rescue together. They will know each other and their comfort level with each other has already been established. Adopting kittens from the same litter is another way to skip the awkward "getting to know you" process and ensures they will grow up being best buds!

#2. Attention: Two's Company

One obvious advantage to housing two cats is that they can keep each other company when you are busy or away. Loneliness, even for pets, can be a difficult thing. Another fur buddies for company and play is a wonderful thing for a cat. If you work all day, keeping two cats is even more beneficial

#3. Entertainment: Two Too Much Fun

Watching your cats play and interact with each other is just plan ol' fun and entertaining! They roll and romp around the house chasing each other over and under furniture. They may hide out for a sneak attack. It just doesn't get any better than that! :)

#4. Stability: Growing Old Two-gether

Having two cat buddies throughout the years can be truly comforting. They will be best friends, sleep together, play together, groom each other and yes every now and then they will even have a spat. My cats Casey and Oliver do occasionally have a "disagreement" but the offense is always quickly forgotten and they are best buddies, sleeping the same warm spot on my daughter's bed together once more. They will always have each other and there is some peace and stability in that.

Some Things To Consider About Keeping Two Cats

Bringing a New Cat into a One Cat House: Do you currently have one cat and are thinking about adding another? First, consider your current cat's age and experience with other cats.

If your current cat is older and enjoying their quiet afternoons, this may not be a good time to introduce a young kitten that is rambunctious and full of energy. While some may grow to accept and love them with time, there is also a chance, especially if they have no experience of life with another cat, your older cat never really want anything to do with a new kitten or cat. Especially with a kitten, your older cat may not take kindly to being attacked, even if it is in play.

Instead, consider adopting two kittens that can keep each other entertained so your "retired" kitty can get the peace he's used to.

Feeding Two Cats: If you're going to keep two cats, feeding them the same type of food is the easiest way to avoid food stealing issues. One kitty may want what the other kitty is eating if it isn't the same type of food.

How many cats do you have at home? Did you plan on that number? If you have more than one, how do they get along?

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