Natural Pest Control Spray


Natural Pest Control Spray for Dogs, Horses, & Homes

  • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, mange mites, mosquitoes, and biting flies naturally with Texas Red Cedar oil.
  • No harsh chemical pesticides – safe for puppies and foals!
  • Repels Pests on Your Dog or Horse: apply directly for flea, tick, and mange mite infestations. CedarGuard begins killing irritating pests on contact.
  • Guard Against Insect Bites: the fresh, woody aroma of CedarGuard repels pests and helps disguise the scent of dogs and horses.
  • Treat the Soft Surfaces Around Your Home: rid your home of pests and keep them away. Spray CedarGuard on soft surfaces or add it to your carpet cleaner.
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You have your bug spray – now your furry friends have theirs!

Native to the Southwest, Texas Red Cedars possess natural chemicals that are deadly to insects and their eggs, but are safe for use on dogs and horses. CedarGuard harnesses this power to provide dog and horse owners with a safe, natural, and eco-friendly alternative to chemical pesticide products and the risks they carry.

Kill fleas, ticks, and mange mites on your dog or horse. Treat the soft surfaces in your home and car. For happy, bug free dogs, horses, and homes, CedarGuard is a multi-use pest solution to get rid of bugs and keep them away for good!

REPEL Pests on Your Dog & Horse

Fight back against biting insects safely and naturally. With the fresh scent of cedar and no pyrethrin, pyrethroids, or harsh chemical pesticides, CedarGuard helps kill and repel fleas, ticks, and mange mites with the power of Texas Red Cedar oil. Powerful enough for the most determined pests, gentle enough for use on sensitive foals or puppies, CedarGuard is the safe, natural, leave-on pest formula for both dog and horse owners.

TREAT Soft Surfaces in Your Home

If your dog has fleas, chances are your home does too. Protect your family from itchy, embarrassing pests with CedarGuard. Without any harsh chemical toxins (which can irritate skin and stain fabric), CedarGuard naturally helps kill and repel both fleas and their eggs. Spray on soft surfaces or add to your carpet cleaner. CedarGuard helps keep homes bug-free and smelling fresh with the natural power of Texas Red Cedar oil.

GUARD Against Insect Bites & Infestations

Mosquitos make them itch. Fly bites hurt and swell, and fleas, ticks, and mites can lurk where you’d least expect them. Keep them all away with CedarGuard! The fresh, natural aroma of cedar helps disguise the scent of dogs and horses and repels pests who come too close. Free from the harassing insects itching, biting, and just buzzing around them, dogs and horses can truly relax and enjoy the great outdoors with CedarGuard.

How to use CedarGuard

For Use on Pets: Test a small area on your pet 24 hours before full application to ensure there are no sensitivities.

Prepare for application by brushing fur against the grain, then lightly mist coat including back, stomach, and tail. Work through coat as close to the skin as possible. Spray on a cloth to apply to face and ears. Do not spray near eyes, nose, or mouth. Do not soak pets. CedarGuard is safe for everyday use.

For Use Around Your Home: Though CedarGuard is formulated to be non-greasy and non-staining, we recommend testing a small area before full application to ensure colorfastness.

Keep sensitive pets and people out of heavily treated rooms during and after application for 2-4 hours to ensure the treatment has settled. Mist all flooring, pet bedding, and furniture.

If you wish, you may also add CedarGuard to the solution tank of most carpet cleaners.

CedarGuard Ingredients

Texas Red Cedar Power

With no harsh chemicals and the power of Texas Red Cedar oil, CedarGuard keeps your pets and home bug free and smelling fresh - naturally!

  • Natural Texas Red Cedar oil repels and kills pests on contact
  • No DEET, pyrethrins, pyrethroids, or harsh chemical pesticides
  • Safe for dogs and horses of all ages
  • Won't stain fabric or carpeting
  • Natural cedar scent

Acitve Ingredients

Cedarwood Oil

Inert Ingredients

1,2-Propylene carbonate
Ethyl lacate

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your dog or horse and discontinue use. Not recommended for cats, birds, reptiles, fish, plants or brittle plastics

STORAGE: Store only in approved containers in a cool, dry area inaccessable to children and pets.

DISPOSAL: When container is empty, place in trash or recycle if available.

Product Questions

The Texas Red Cedar oil in CedarGuard contains a chemical that blocks a type of insect neurotransmitter called “octopamine.” Octopamine is responsible for regulating heart rate, movement, and behavior in pheromone-driven insects (including fleas, ticks, mange mites, mosquitoes, and flies), thus when pests come into contact with CedarGuard, they suffocate and die. Mammals do not have octopamine so this chemical will not affect them.

CedarGuard kills pests and their eggs on contact and begins repelling pests immediately. For optimal results, we recommend both direct use on your pet as well as treatment of any areas they come in contact with. Launder bedding, blankets, pillows, plush toys, and linens. Vacuum carpets, rugs, and furniture, then dispose bagged vacuum contents into an outdoor trash receptacle. Apply CedarGuard to home areas. Spray directly on pets, following directions for use, every 2 to 3 days or as often as needed. For severe infestations, we also recommend bathing pets with Defendex shampoo and brushing with a flea comb.

To maintain optimal effectiveness as a repellant on your dog or horse, we recommend applying CedarGuard at least once every 2 to 3 days.

For application on dogs: Results will vary depending on your dog’s size and your frequency of use, but will one bottle will typically last around 6-8 weeks.

For application on horses: For maximum strength protection, use the AccuFlow Brush™ for head-to-tail coverage. One bottle will yield approximately two applications. For regular protection, spray body and tail every few days or as needed.

For application indoors: Results will vary depending on how heavily areas are being treated; however, we estimate roughly 80 sq ft of heavy coverage per bottle.

Yes. Although, with regular use you should find CedarGuard is all you need! Unlike dangerous chemical pesticide treatments (including products containing pyrethrin, pyrethroids, imidaclopid, pyriproxfen, fipronil, and (S)-methyoprene), CedarGuard is non-toxic and will not interact with spot-on treatments. However, to ensure your pet doesn’t have a reaction to the chemical pesticide treatment you are using, we do recommend waiting at least a day after using a chemical pesticide treatment before applying CedarGuard.

Nope! Though CedarGuard is oil based, it dries quickly without residue or staining.

Yes, CedarGuard is safe for use on dogs and horses of all ages!

Because of the way cats groom themselves, we do not recommend CedarGuard for direct application on your cat. However, CedarGuard may still be safely used to treat soft surfaces in homes where cats live.

No, because of their very sensitive respiratory systems, we do not recommend CedarGuard for direct application on birds or reptiles. However, CedarGuard may still be safely used to treat soft surfaces in homes where birds or reptiles live.

Allergies to CedarGuard are very rare and there have been no reported cases of allergic skin reactions to cedar oil. CedarGuard contains no cedar pollen so it should not affect respiratory allergies. To test for skin reactions, we recommend placing a small amount on the back of your hand. To test for respiratory reactions, we recommend spray a small amount in the air near you.