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We're really thrilled!

Love this product! Puck, our 8 1/2 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has been taking the drops daily for about 5 months & is not showing the pain symptoms of hip dysplasia that he had - off & on for the last couple of years. We're really thrilled!

- The R., Oregon ★★★★★

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He now shows little to no signs of pain!

Between the ages of 6 months and 1 year, my black Airedale puppy developed hip dysplasia that dramatically cut down on his quality of play and life. We contemplated femoral head osteotomy (ugly surgery) but decided to wait a bit and added Arthro-IonX to his daily diet routine.

He is now approaching 2 years of age and for all practical purposes, shows little to no signs of pain. I'm not a doctor or research specialist, but I am a lifelong dog owner and my common sense (and the only thing we changed) tells me that this single daily teaspoon of Arthro-IonX in my dog's diet has changed my life - can't say enough positive things about this product! **

- Roger D., TX ★★★★★

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Ebony is doing really well...

Ebony is doing really well thanks, she still has 2 walks per day and always wants to play football with me on the garden before she has her tea.
Not bad considering she is now ten and a half years old! **

- Jeff A., Nottinghamshire ★★★★★

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A Changed Dog

Snoopy is a changed dog. He has returned to his puppy stage. He was almost crippled on his hind quarters. Your product is amazing!!! **

- Carol M., Georgia ★★★★★

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It was very noticeable when we ran out!

Thank you, thank you! My dog is such a treat hound I was spending tons of time trying to get her to chew or swallow any pill. Being unemployed, I found the money as it was very noticeable when we ran out. Gere says thank you, too. **

- Stacy B., Texas ★★★★★

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