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It just seems to "take the edge off"

We have 2 dogs, one Cairn Terrier 16 yrs old and one Belgian Sheepdog 5 yrs old. Last year we purchased an RV for vacationing. Part of the plan was that our pets could also accompany us in our travels. The first trip was only a 3 hour drive. They were sooo anxious & upset every minute, constantly panting, whimpering, pacing and generally getting on each other's "last nerve" like little children. This is not their usual behavior and it made for a very unpleasant travel. We began searching the web for suggestions and came upon your site.

We found the site to be very helpful & informative but were not entirely certain whether to choose the Anxietrex or the Chillout Chews. Your representative was helpful & friendly and we decided to try the Chillout Chews.

We are happy to report after more than a year of use, that our 16 yr old pup loves the chews and tolerates them very well. The 5 yr old Belgian - even with his sensitive stomach that requires him to be on an Rx prescribed dry food 100% of the time - also tolerates the chews very well. In fact the both LOVE them!!

The best way to describe the change is that it just seems to "take the edge off" and allows them to settle down more easily, without impairing them. Now they will lay down in the RV, nap, drink water in route & are overall more relaxed & much more manageable. We use the product as prescribed and increase the dose when it seems warranted. So, for example, once we are in a campground if we plan to leave them alone in the RV for a short period of time, we may double up on the dose. This helps them relax when we are absent in the "home away from home" and the sounds & scents outside may be initially unfamiliar to them. Now we can run out to a grocery store, come back and find them "chillin' out"! They give us that look of 'back so soon' ?!!

Finally, sometimes we have a need to kennel the dogs. We prepare their daily meal bags and put a dose of Chill Out in each meal bag and it's been reported to us that they seem more at ease in our absence. We know this to be true because the 16 yr old hates being kenneled and usually when we pick them up he is so hoarse from constantly barking that it usually takes a few days for him to "get his bark back". Now he comes home and still has his voice.

We highly recommend giving it a try if your pets have similar issues. We doubt you will be disappointed. The price is fair for the benefit & quality. We usually order a set of bottles to save on the cost. Placing the order is a breeze and the package has always arrived on time.

Thank you for developing such a safe, natural product that really helps our pups! **

- Nick A., FL ★★★★★

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He isn't as needy during loud noises

LOVE this product! What an outstanding product! Thank you, thank you, thank you Vetionx for helping my dog (Romeo) manage Fireworks, Thunderstorms and even car rides a million times better.

Before taking the Chill Out Chews, Romeo use to hide, shake uncontrollably, and pant heavily. When he takes the Chill Out Chews (which he loves and thinks is a treat) he doesn't hide anymore and calmly lays by my legs during a Thunderstorm or Fireworks. He isn't as "needy" during loud noises.

Rides in the car are a totally different experience. Before he would shake, pant heavily, and drool. Now, when he takes his Chill Out Chews, he is much calmer.

He even came outside the other night to sit with me when neighbors were setting off fireworks. He NEVER would have done this before.

I can't tell you enough, THANK YOU for helping Romeo be less stress and anxiety free! **

- Victoria S., Michigan ★★★★★

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Thank you for such a great product.

The Cool tablets have worked wonders, we have a dog that was keeping us up all night with panic attacks; now he and us are sleeping at night. Thank you for such a great product, I have shared them with a friend whose 16 yr old dog was having problems sleeping also and they are working wonders for them too. **

- Donna S., GA ★★★★★

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The products worked well.

The products worked well. The liquid Antro-IonX would have been easier for me to distribute if it was in pill form. **

- Mark K., WV ★★★★★

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It truly is a miracle

While traveling in the car, we give our dog chill out chews- totally amazing! All in all, I would like to thank you all for your help with my cute puppy. He is so happy now, as are we. It truly is a miracle. **

- Sandra T., UT ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

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