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After just one wash, his coat started healing and growing back!

Our precious pitbull was suffering from what we thought was mange. He wouldn't eat and his hair was shedding all over the house! He was miserable! I bought dandruff shampoo, bagbalm, anything that we thought might help. After a week of this, I went online and Googled help for his symptoms and up popped multiple websites, but something about your website made me click on and read all the reviews about how wonderful your products worked, so I ordered a bottle of Defendex.

What a blessing! After just one wash, his coat started healing and growing back! He is now healthy and back to eating, playing and happy! Thank you for developing a product that really works! **

- Cheyenne P., Rhode Island ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

I noticed an immediate difference after 1 use.

My chocolate lab was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange by his vet after the hair on his ear started coming off and his incessant itching made me think it was more than dry skin. I was shocked! They prescribed topical meds but after 3 doses...the mange persisted. I looked online and found Defendex.

I noticed an immediate difference after 1 use - he did itch - but I'm sure it was because the Defendex was killing the mites..his coat was great smelling and shiny! It took 2 bottles and a wash a week for 2 months plus 2 more topicals, but we kicked it in the butt! His hair has grown in and I even used it on my cats for ticks and fleas.

I would recommend this to anyone, anyday. I am not one to do the whole review thing but firmly believe in giving credit where it's due. Thank you Defendex! **

- Jen A., NY ★★★★★

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After the first shampoo the improvement was phenomenal.

My Tibetan Terrier had itchy skin, though we couldn't see any sign of parasites. I tried a change of food, shampoos, sprays etc then, as I live in a rural area, I wondered if he'd picked up some kind of mite. I searched the internet for a natural shampoo and found Defendex. After the first shampoo the improvement was phenomenal. Now at the first sign of any itching, he has a Defendex bath! **

- Angela B., Wrexham ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

It works great!

It works great! **

- Traci P., AL ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

Seems to be helping.

Seems to be helping. **

- Sheila M., FL ★★★★

Individual results may vary.

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