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Helped cat's flea allergy

Endora week 4 with her long hair beginning to grow back and she is calmer, no longer frantically biting and scratching at her wounds after intake of skin-soothing Derma-ionx. Her Flea Allergy Dermatitis is at bay. I cannot thank you enough after months of suffering. Truly a miracle. Best Regards, Dyana. **

- Dyana S., FL ★★★★★

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Within a week all his skin issues were is a miracle!

My pug has had skin issues since he was born. He is now 6 years old. He has been on steroids and antibiotics off and on several times each year without any true relief. He just finished allergy testing and allergy shots with a veterinary dermatologist. He still was broken out and losing hair. I was getting ready to take him back to the doctor when I ordered Derma-IonX. Within a week all his skin issues were clear. His hair was growing back. He was healthy and more vibrant than any time in his life. It has been six weeks and his coat is glowing and he has no signs of itching and irritation. It is a miracle! **

- Robin K., CA ★★★★★

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Her overall coat condition has improved 100%!

I tried Derma-IonX for my cat. She is a Siamese/Tortoise shell mix. Sammie had developed acute dermatitis - an allergy to plastic. I took her to her vet who prescribed a topical ointment. This ointment was extremely harsh and stung her when I applied it on her muzzle. Also, the breakouts kept reoccurring.

By the time I received the first order of Derma-IonX, she had open oozing sores on her cheeks. I applied three treatments of Derma-IonX directly to her skin, and her face started clearing up. I have also noticed that the patches between her ears and eyes have started to fill in with fur. Her overall coat condition has improved 100%. Her fur used to have a dry, wiry feel and now it is soft and luxurious.

I am extremely pleased with your product and will keep our little girl on a maintenance program.

- Jane C., AZ ★★★★★

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His fur is beautiful and not one pimple in sight!

My cat was in such bad shape, losing his hair and with scabby pimples down his back and under his chin. Within one month I saw a very big difference. I'm now on the second bottle and his fur is beautiful and not one pimple in sight. Thank you for a great product. **

- Judith L., VA ★★★★★

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Sawyer's crusty skin patches have all cleared up and show no signs of return.

Hi Petra, I just wanted to keep you informed about my collie, Sawyer. We spoke several weeks ago about the proper administration of your products, Derma-IonX and Arthro-IonX. Following your advice, I have been giving him daily doses for over three weeks.

Voila! It may be a coincidence, but my sense is that it is your suggested homeopathic regimen that did the trick. Sawyer's crusty skin patches have all cleared up and show no signs of return. What's interesting is that, prior to that, I discontinued the vet's meds because he could not tolerate them. They made him lethargic and all but killed his appetite. He's a happy new pup again (at 11 years old +)--active, eating, talking, even running. His coat is gorgeous as well. Wish I could rejuvenate my body with your products as nicely as Sawyer's!

In my enthusiasm, I've recommended your products to several interested dog owners in the community along with a retailer. Do you offer your inventories to pet stores? I also intend to send the information to my vet.
Many thanks, **

- Milton Z., NY ★★★★★

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