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What a difference it made in my dog!

My dog is an almost 14-year-old miniature schnauzer and was showing signs of diabetes (excessive thirst, frequent urination, lethargy). Rather than take him to the vet and spending hundreds of dollars to be told he has diabetes and then the monthly bill that would be the insulin he would require, and given his advanced, I searched online for a home remedy and found this product.

What a difference it made in my dog! When I first received the product, I gave him the dose for a dog in distress and within 2 days he was almost back to normal! After about day 5 of the double, I reduced it to the single dose (I mix it with the home made dog food I make---another thing I found online) and he's a changed dog. Gone are the constant trips to the water bowl, the "accidents" because of the constant drinking and he's more active and alert than he's been in a while. I know it's not a cure all, but for my 14-year-old dog, it's been a God-send. Thank you. I just re-ordered the product to continue this regimen for my dog. Thank you again. **

- Rita S., NY ★★★★★

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The change in her has been nothing short of miraculous!

I just wanted to give you an update on Panda. We have now finished the first bottle of Dia-IonX. I have been giving her 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. On Sunday she will have completed the two weeks on that dosage.

The change in her has been nothing short of miraculous! She is almost back to her old self. She will be 11 the end of this month.

She is still drinking more than she should and peeing more than she
should. However, it is less than before she went on it. She is also
eating very well, has energy, is not sleeping all the time, is going
for walks again, not throwing up and is even playing with her toys
once in awhile.

In May I am going to take her for another blood test
to see how her levels are. I am very pleased with your product. **

- Sheila R., British Columbia ★★★★

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I can't begine to express how happy I am...

My min pin, Duke, is diabetic and his glucose has been running over 1000 on urine checks. He also went blind because I could not manage his diabetes. He was diagnosed in Jan. of this year. I started giving him Dia-Ionx as a last resort. He has came out of his depression and acts like he did 9 years ago. I took him to the vet to check his blood sugar and it was only 238, WOW! I can't began to express how happy I am that you saved my dog's life. He doesn't urinate and drink water all the time. He takes 5 units a day but at least his diabetes is managed now. Thank you so much. Every one should know about this product, it's a miracle. **

- Amy C., tn ★★★★★

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I want to thank you for your product. It has truly been a life saver for my cats.

Unfortunately, a number of my cats had developed the signs of diabetes. I had made the mistake of buying the cheap grains which, over the years, have made four of my cats sick -- drinking lots of water, excessive urination, and with two of my cats regularly throwing up.

I was very concerned, for I did not have the finances to go through the litany of vet bills. So I turned to the internet and saw your product and the outstanding reviews. I also learned about the need to switch the cats to a high-grade protein diet.

The results have begun within days of using your product. The symptoms have gradually tempered over the weeks and the cats are looking great. The change in all of their conditions is profound.

Thank you for an amazing product! **

- Stephen Z., DE ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

When we found out our dog had diabetes, the recommended treatment procedures confused us. When we got home, we instantly surfed the internet for some other options to get him in shape. It was all the great reviews that swayed me into purchasing Dia-IonX. Although we are giving him insulin, I think he is doing so well because of the Dia-IonX. I mixed it into his food, as he won't take it any other way. He has not went back for a follow up test yet, but he is doing so much better than a month ago.It's almost time to reorder, because I don't want to run out. Thank you! **

- Frances F., CA ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

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