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Our dog had been limping on and off for several months. A friend recommended Omega 369 that had helped her dog with joint problems. After a couple weeks of taking it, our dog's limp went away! Very pleased with the results! **

- Amy C., NH ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

I've been quite pleased with the allergy treatment, Derma-Ionx, for my dog. After a few weeks, he's had no more break-outs. The Omega 3/6/9 could be a little easier to give, but it's improving his coat and skin and that's all that matters. **

- MARLENE M., IN ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

Omega 3/6/9 showing positive results in only one week.

VETiONX Omega 3/6/9 product appears to be responsible for a significant improvement in my Lab's coat in only one week, and I would highly recommend anyone try it for their dog. I also purchased Derma-iONX, but have not been using that product for a sufficient period of time to determine its effectiveness, but if it works as well for skin irritation / itching as the Omega 3/6/9 does for the coat, I'll be quite happy. **

- William A., MD ★★★★

Individual results may vary.

great review

The Omega-369 is terrific and feeds her joints with nourishment. I thank you so much for this product. Shadow is an older dog, but this stuff definitely helps her feel a whole lot happier and younger. Me too! **

- Marie B., FL ★★★★★

Individual results may vary.

works better than Rx products! **

- Leonard A., CA ★★★★

Individual results may vary.

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