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Very satisfied.

I love this company and their products. I got the PROBIOTICS for my dogs and they love them. I also got the H20-IONX and they don't seem to notice it in their water. **

- PATTY S., TX ★★★★★

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The probiotic is just what my diabetic cat needed!

We have struggled for well over 5 years to control my cat's diarrhea. If he eats even a little too much canned food, or sometimes any at all, he has extremely wet stools, even diarrhea. The problem is, he loves his canned food. He adores it. And while I have kept him on dry food at times, he is miserable, and he never has completely gotten well even off the canned food. We discovered last year he was diabetic. He is on insulin now, but he still had frequent diarrhea. He's been on the Vetinox pro-biotic now for about a month, and I haven't had to wipe his bottom or clean up diarrhea in that whole time! I'm thrilled. **

- Laurel H., NC ★★★★★

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Happy Cat

Received quickly. Easy to administer. Seems to be helping. **

- Patricia S., PA ★★★★★

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My Tiki doesn't have upset stomach anymore!

Tiki is my 4 year old Maltese/????? and suffers from allergies and had a history of purging green flem on a daily basis. Since he has been on this products, he has only had one episode in the last three years and I would not be without it. He is the love of my life. **

- Boneva D., IN ★★★★★

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