2-Step Pest Control System for Dogs

  • Step 1: Wash & Relieve: Say “Bye-bye, buggies!” with Defendex™ shampoo’s blend of 13 naturally potent homeopathic ingredients. With a base of neem, anise, & aloe vera, Defendex shampoo not only washes away the fleas and mange mites, it soothes irritated skin too!
  • Step 2: Treat & Protect: Harness the natural pest-killing power of Texas Red Cedar oil with Defendex™ CedarGuard™. Our versatile spray kills + repels fleas, ticks, mange mites, and biting flies on your pet and in your home.
  • The Naturally Powerful Holistic Approach: With the power you want, and without the chemical pesticides you don’t, Defendex shampoo and Defendex CedarGuard work together to deliver the ultimate, holistic approach with the Defendex 2-Step Pest Control System.

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Bye Bye

Bye-Bye, Buggies!
Bye-Bye, Toxic Treatments!

Effective AND safe – because we don’t believe in compromise when it comes to your dog. The Defendex 2-Step Pest Control System delivers potent pest killing power without the risks of chemical pesticides! Step 1: Wash away fleas, lice, and mange mites while soothing irritated skin with Defendex shampoo. Step 2: Kill pests around your home and help keep pests off your pup with the natural pest-fighting power of Defendex CedarGuard spray.

Because you love your dogs, but not the pests that bite them, get the ultimate in natural pest defense. For a powerful, fast-acting, holistic approach to pest control, defend them naturally with Defendex!

Step One:

Wash Away Pests with Defendex Shampoo.

Quickly begin to remove pests with our long-time customer favorite, Defendex shampoo. With our proprietary blend of 13 naturally potent homeopathic ingredients, and base of neem, anise, and aloe, Defendex shampoo delivers powerful, skin-soothing relief as fleas, lice, and mange mites are washed away. With no chemical pesticides, pyrethrins, or pyrethroids, and a calming aromatherapeutic scent, Defendex shampoo is both gentle enough for use on puppies and sensitive seniors, and powerful enough for the most aggravating pest issues.

Step 1: Wash away fleas, nits, eggs, lice, and mange mites while relieving skin irritation caused by pests including itching, scabbing, dryness, redness, swelling, and pain.

Step Two:

Keep Pests Away with Defendex CedarGuard.

Kill pests that may be hiding in your home and protect against new ones with Defendex CedarGuard spray! Applied to soft surfaces, the natural bug-killing power and fresh scent of Defendex CedarGuard’s Texas Red Cedar oil treats homes safely without staining or residue. Applied to your dog’s coat, Defendex CedarGuard repels fleas, ticks, mange mites, flies, and mosquitoes without harsh chemical pesticides or their risks. Enjoy bug-free confidence both indoors and out, naturally with Defendex CedarGuard!

Step 2: Kill and repel pests in your carpeting, bedding, furniture and other soft surfaces around your home. Apply to your dog’s coat for protection against fleas, ticks, mange mites, flies, and mosquitoes.

Fill, Brush, Relief

Mess Free, Waste Free, & Simple!

Without wetting or mussing your pet’s fur or wasting product where it isn’t needed, the AccuFlow Brush applies topical treatments more efficiently than spray bottles or manual methods. Relax with easier topical treatment application and the confidence that every spot was covered. Enjoy the easy accuracy of your AccuFlow Brush!

Bug Free, Carefree.

The Defendex 2-Step Pest Control System!

For complete pest control, you need a holistic approach. For complete peace of mind, you need a solution that’s both safe and effective! The Defendex 2-Step Pest Control System delivers the best of both worlds with its simple two-step process. Without the risks of chemical pesticides and poisons, the potent natural ingredients in Defendex shampoo and Defendex CedarGuard work together to quickly rid your dog and home of irritating, embarrassing pests, and safely protect against recurrence. Get bug free, carefree, naturally with the Defendex 2-Step System!

Fed up with the bugs, but worried about chemical pesticides? Choose the powerful holistic approach to rid your dog & home of pests and help keep them away for good!

How to use the Defendex 2-Step Pest Control System

Wash Away Pests & Relieve Irritated Skin with Defendex Shampoo*

defendex bottle

Brush: For optimal results, brush your dog prior to bathing doing your best to remove tangles and matted fur. (Cut out matted fur if necessary.)

Prepare Bathing Area: Remove any absorbent materials you don’t want splashed. Draw a shallow bath of warm water and gather everything you will need for the application: your Defendex, a pitcher or large plastic cup, at least two clean towels, and of course, your dog. Speak and behave calmly and be sure to give your dog plenty of soothing affection so the bath can be a relaxing experience. (For enhanced calming support, consider administering Chillout Chews™ and/or Anxietrex™ prior to bath time.*)

Soak: Once your dog is in the bath, thoroughly soak your dog’s coat with water and drain the bath.

Apply: Squeeze a generous amount of Defendex shampoo into your hand. Rub both hands together to create a lather, and massage into your dog’s coat for 10-15 minutes. You may add more shampoo as needed to form a lather. Pay careful attention to ensure even coverage over their entire body, limbs, tail, and face. (Avoid contact with eyes.)

Rinse: Refill the tub with warm water and rinse the shampoo thoroughly from your dog. Remove excess water by hand as best you can and let your dog out of the tub.

Don’t Forget the Comb! Once thoroughly rinsed, lay out a clean towel for your dog to sit on and use the other to give them a quick toweling off so they aren’t dripping wet. Fill your pitcher or cup with hot (not boiling) soapy water. Then, working in small sections, thoroughly comb your dog’s fur with the included comb. As you go, remove anything the comb catches under the hot soapy water.

Clean Up: Once all fur has been combed, flush contents of the pitcher or cup down the toilet and wash your comb and brush in hot, soapy water. To prevent recurrence, before releasing your dog back out into the rest of the home, gather any towels, clothing, and bedding your dog has been in contact with and get them into your washing machine using hot water to wash and high heat to dry. Sweep and mop non-carpeted floors, and vacuum any carpet or soft furniture they have come in contact with. Empty your vacuum’s contents outside your home directly into a plastic garbage bag and then into the garbage bin when you’re done. Proceed to step 2.

Treat Your Home & Protect Against Infestation with Defendex CedarGuard**

defendex cedarguard bottle

Treat Your Home: Though Defendex CedarGuard is formulated to be non-greasy and non-staining, we recommend testing a small area before full application to ensure colorfastness.

Mist all flooring, pet bedding, and furniture. If you wish, you may also add Defendex CedarGuard to the solution tank of most carpet cleaners.

Protect Your Dog Against Bug Bites and Reinfestation: Once your dog’s coat is fully dried, test a small area on your dog 24 hours before full application to ensure there are no sensitivities.

Prepare for application by brushing fur against the grain, then, wearing protective eyewear and gloves, lightly mist coat including back, stomach, and tail. Work through coat as close to the skin as possible. Spray on a cloth to apply to face and ears. Do not spray near eyes, nose, or mouth. Do not soak your dog with product. Should maintain optimal potency for up to 3 days. Defendex CedarGuard is safe for everyday use.

How to use AccuFlow Brush

accuflow brush
  1. Remove the waterproof brush cover. Holding the brush by the cover with the bristles-side down, slide the cover away from the handle horizontally until the white arrow on the cover aligns with the “OPEN” mark. Raise the brush straight up to remove.
  2. Fill the brush. Unscrew the black leak-proof cap covering the end of the brush handle, then remove the black handle plug from inside the handle. Holding the brush vertically with the handle opening up, slowly pour at least 15 mL and up to 60 mL of any thin, flowing topical treatment inside the brush (see inside list of treatments). Do not pour any liquid past the 60 mL mark. To facilitate pouring, you may use a funnel if you wish.

    Place the handle plug back inside the brush handle and screw the cap back on to the end of the brush handle.
    If you wish to monitor the amount of treatment being used per application, you may slide the green and red dosage slider to align with the liquid level prior to application.
  3. Brush to apply. For treatment to be released, you must press down lightly as the ends of the bristles touch your pet’s skin. Brush any areas of your pet the treatment is intended for. Each time you brush a given area, more liquid will be applied there. Firmer pressure while brushing will cause more treatment to be applied than light pressure will.
    You may control the amount of treatment being applied by adjusting the amount of times you brush a given area and/or by adjusting the amount of pressure you use.

    PLEASE NOTE: The AccuFlow Brush is not designed for use on very tangled or matted fur, and excessive force may damage the brush. To avoid damage, detangle and remove mats prior to application and use only as much pressure as is needed.
  4. Store unused treatments properly. When application is completed, replace the waterproof brush cover. Lower the brush onto the cover aligning the clear plastic tabs on the sides of the brush body with the divots in the sides of the brush cover. Slide the brush forward horizontally until the “CLOSE” mark is aligned with the white arrow on the brush cover.
    Store horizontally out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures with the bristles facing up. Follow any other storage recommendations the treatment inside may require.
  5. Clean brush before long periods of unuse or when switching treatments. To keep your AccuFlow Brush in good condition during periods of unuse or before switching to a different treatment, it’s important to clean your brush. After all treatment has been used (or otherwise drained out of the brush and into its original container), following steps 1 and 2, fill the AccuFlow Brush with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and re-secure the handle plug, cap and brush cover. Holding on the closed brush cover, shake the brush vigorously and drain. Repeat as needed until all remaining treatment has been removed. Remove the brush cover and both caps from handle and allow the brush to air dry completely before replacing them.

Treatment Regimen

For Skin Irritation & To Wash Away Pests
Wash with Defendex shampoo as needed, up to 3 times per week. Please call us or consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

For Pest Repelling & Protection Against Infestation
We recommend applying Defendex CedarGuard to your dog’s dry coat every 2-3 days, and to flooring, pet bedding, and furniture every month.

For Active Infestations
We recommend applying Defendex CedarGuard on your dog’s dry coat, as well as on flooring, dog bedding, and furniture every day until the infestation is controlled.

Defendex™ Ingredients

Agaricus muscarius 6X, Anacardium orientale 6X, Apis mellifica 6X, Bovista 6X, Causticum 6X, Graphites 8X, Muriaticum acidum 6X, Oleander 6X, Pix liquida 6X, Quassia amara 6X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, Staphysagria 6X, Sulphur 6X

Essential Oil and Botanical Base:

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Concentrate
Well known for its traditional use in skin care and treatment of burns, aloe helps to reduce skin dryness, irritation and inflammation.

Anise oil (2.0%)
An antiseptic that lends a pleasant clean scent to the Defendex formula.

Neem oil (5.0%)
An oil used for many years for its skin soothing properties.

Other Ingredients: Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Purified water, Glycerin, Wheatgermamidopropyl dimethylamine hydrolyzed wheat protein, Diazolidinyl urea, Sodium chloride, Formic acid, Citric acid

Defendex CedarGuard Ingredients

With no harsh chemicals, and the power of Texas Red Cedar oil, Defendex CerdarGuard is the leave-on pest solution that keeps your pets and home bug-free and smelling fresh.

  • Natural Texas Red Cedar oil repels and kills pets on contact
  • No DEET, pyrethrins, pyrethriods, or harsh chenical pesticides
  • Safe for dogs and horses of all ages
  • Won't stain fabric or carpeting
  • Fresh cedar scent
Active Ingredients
Cedar Oil10%
Inert Ingredients
Silica hydrate90%

STORAGE: Store only in approved containers in a cool, dry area inaccessable to children and pets.

DISPOSAL: When container is empty, place in trash or recycle if available.

CAUTION: Users must wear protective eyewear and gloves when applying. Avoid contact with eyes. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your dog or horse and discontinue use. Not recommended for cats, brids, reptiles, or fish.

Defendex 2-Step Pest Control System FAQs

Q: How fast will Defendex work?
A: Everyone's situation is unique. As parasites hide their eggs in tiny spaces in furniture, bedding, carpet, and around the home, the eggs can hatch and cause re-infestation. This is why we recommend you machine wash any bedding and towels your pet may use in hot water, then dry on high heat. Depending on the severity of your situation, you may require more than one application of the product for your pet. For others, one wash will solve the problem. No matter what, you're still covered by our 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q: How should I apply Defendex to my pet?
A: It's very easy to apply Defendex to your pet, and detailed instructions will arrive with your Defendex shipment. Just one ten minute application in a warm bath will help you to relieve your pet's flea, mange and scabies infestation symptoms.

Q: Is Defendex a pesticide?
A: No, Defendex is not intended to be a pesticide. It is formulated to help relieve and soothe your pet's irritated skin symptoms from mange, scabies, and flea bites. By relieving your pet's skin irritation and preventing secondary skin damage, you can focus your efforts on using traditional control methods, such as combs and tweezers. As always, consult with your veterinarian on the overall health of your pet, the severity of infestation, and the steps needed to thoroughly mitigate the pest infestation.

Q: How safe is Defendex?
A: Defendex is a natural OTC medicine and is formulated to be completely safe without chemical pesticides or their potential negative side effects. Defendex contains no pyrethrins or pyrethroids, so it is completely safe to use on puppies and kittens as well.

Q: How long does one bottle of Defendex last?
A: A single bottle of Defendex has 4 fl. oz of concentrated liquid that will wash away approximately one infestation. If your pet is prone to having parasite infestations or is very large, take advantage of our multi-bottle discount options.

Q: How does Defendex CedarGuard work?
A: The Texas Red Cedar oil in Defendex CedarGuard contains a chemical that blocks a type of insect neurotransmitter called “octopamine.” Octopamine is responsible for regulating heart rate, movement, and behavior in pheromone-driven insects (including fleas, ticks, mange mites, mosquitoes, and flies), thus when pests come into contact with Defendex CedarGuard, they suffocate and die. Mammals do not have octopamine so this chemical will not affect them.

Q: How quickly can I expect results with Defendex CedarGuard?
A: Defendex CedarGuard kills pests and their eggs on contact and begins repelling pests immediately. For optimal results, we recommend both direct use on your pet as well as treatment of any areas they come in contact with. Launder bedding, blankets, pillows, plush toys, and linens. Vacuum carpets, rugs, and furniture, then dispose bagged vacuum contents into an outdoor trash receptacle. Apply Defendex CedarGuard to home areas.
Spray directly on pets, following directions for use, every 2 to 3 days or as often as needed. For severe infestations, we also recommend bathing pets with Defendex shampoo and brushing with a flea comb.

Q: How often should Defendex CedarGuard be applied?
A: To maintain optimal effectiveness as a repellant on your dog or horse, we recommend applying Defendex CedarGuard at least once every 2 to 3 days.

Q: How long will one bottle of Defendex CedarGuard last?
A: For application on dogs: Results will vary depending on your dog’s size and your frequency of use, but will one bottle will typically last around 4-6 weeks. For application on horses: For maximum strength protection, use the AccuFlow Brush™ for head-to-tail coverage. One bottle will yield approximately two applications. For regular protection, spray body and tail every few days or as needed. For application indoors: Results will vary depending on how heavily areas are being treated; however, we estimate roughly 32 sq ft of heavy coverage per bottle.

Q: Can I use Defendex CedarGuard with other pest control products?
A: Yes. Although, with regular use you should find Defendex CedarGuard is all you need! Unlike dangerous chemical pesticide treatments (including products containing pyrethrin, pyrethroids, imidaclopid, pyriproxfen, fipronil, and (S)-methyoprene), Defendex CedarGuard is non-toxic and will not interact with spot-on treatments. However, to ensure your pet doesn’t have a reaction to the chemical pesticide treatment you are using, we do recommend waiting at least a day after using a chemical pesticide treatment before applying Defendex CedarGuard.

Q: Will Defendex CedarGuard leave an oily residue or stain?
A: Nope! Though Defendex CedarGuard is oil based, it dries quickly without residue or staining.

Q: What is hydrated silica?
A: Hydrated silica is a food-grade carrier oil which can be found naturally in opal. Listed by the US FDA as “Generally Recognized as Safe,” and commonly used in food, personal care products, and natural toothpastes, Defendex CedarGuard utilizes hydrated silica as a carrier liquid for the Texas Red Cedar oil content.

Q: Is Defendex CedarGuard safe for use on puppies and foals?
A: Yes, Defendex CedarGuard is safe for use on dogs and horses of all ages!

Q: Can I use Defendex CedarGuard on my cat?
A: Because of the way cats groom themselves, we do not recommend Defendex CedarGuard for direct application on your cat. However, Defendex CedarGuard may still be safely used to treat soft surfaces in homes where cats live.

Q: Can I use Defendex CedarGuard on birds or reptiles?
A: No, because of their very sensitive respiratory systems, we do not recommend Defendex CedarGuard for direct application on birds or reptiles. However, Defendex CedarGuard may still be safely used to treat soft surfaces in homes where birds or reptiles live.

Q: I have a cedar allergy. Will Defendex CedarGuard affect me?
A: Allergies to Defendex CedarGuard are very rare and there have been no reported cases of allergic skin reactions to cedar oil. Defendex CedarGuard contains no cedar pollen so it should not affect respiratory allergies. To test for skin reactions, we recommend placing a small amount on the back of your hand. To test for respiratory reactions, we recommend spray a small amount in the air near you.

Q: Can the same brush be used for two different pets?

Yes, the same brush can be used for two different pets. However, if one pet has a contagious condition that the other pet does not, we would recommend buying separate brushes for each pet.

Q: How long may a treatment be stored in the brush?

Please follow storage and expiration recommendations for the specific treatment you are using. Given proper storage with the brush cover on, out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as well as any additional storage needs the treatment inside the brush may require, the treatment may be stored as long as it could be in the original packaging.

Q: How do I empty unused treatment from the brush?

To empty the brush of treatment, remove the handle cap and plug and aim the brush handle over the container you wish to drain the remaining treatment into. To facilitate pouring, you may wish to use a funnel. To ensure all remaining treatment is removed, we recommend cleaning with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution as described in step 5 of our “Directions for Use.”

Q: Can I travel with the brush?

Yes. However, to prevent leaks, we do recommend draining any remaining treatment into a water-tight container prior to travel.

Q: My pet has sensitive skin. What materials is the brush made from?

The AccuFlow Brush is made using pharmaceutical-grade materials intended to hold medicinal preparations. The brush body is made of a highly durable polycarbonate material. The dispensing bristles are stainless steel and are affixed to the brush by silicone membranes. To avoid potential sensitivities or allergic reactions,the brush has been made without latex and the parts are joined via ultrasonic welding with no adhesives being used.

Q: I still have more questions, who can I ask?
A: We are happy to answer your questions when you call toll-free 866.977.0888 or email service@vetionx.com.

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Safe, Natural RELIEF!

2-Step Pest Control System

defendexpcs Bottle
  • Step 1: Wash & Relieve with Defendex shampoo, a homeopathic blend with a base of neem, anise, and aloe vera.
  • Step 2: Treat & Protect with Defendex CedarGuard spray, potent Texas Red Cedar oil for home & on-the-coat use.
  • No harsh chemical pesticides or their risks!
  • Cedar oil kills & repels fleas, ticks, mange mites, flies & mosquitoes.
  • Even-Coverage brush has 50 stainless steel dispensing bristles for thorough application.

A 60-Day Promise!
Order today, and take 60 days to discover why more people choose VETiONX.. Satisfaction Guarantee
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